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Article from "Rzeźnik Polski" - Interview with Piotr Mikulec our CEO

Ikonka kalendarza 24.07.2018

In this article Katarzyna Salomon and Marek Bielski from "Rzeźnik Polski"  interview Mr. Piotr Mikulec the CEO of Rubin Sp. z o.o.

  • In the beginning of this interview, please introduce Rubin Food Group to our readers.

Rubin Food Group is a Rubin Beef company which scope of activity is partioning of beef meat. Mipol company, which is also owned by our family, provides the slaughter service for Rubin Beef.

  • Rubin Beef plant is based in Małopolska, exactly in which part?

Our partioning plant is based in Myślachowice. This location, in a beautiful surrounding of nature is as a huge plus. Close proximity to the A4 highway guarantee a suitable transportation and ontime delivery in best conditions. The slaughterhouse is located in Moszczenica.

  • When and why Rubin decided to enter the beef sector?

The idea for activity in beef sector is a continuation of work initiated by my parents who started with pork slaughtering and portioning in the 90s. The company was developing slowly, focusing primarily on the quality of the product. In 2004, my parents built a new plant. My interest in the meat industry developed from an early age, as young children, together with my brother, we were eager to engage in the activity of the plant. When we grew up, we decided to continue our family business, and this is how in 2013, after the purchase of the plant in Myślachowice, the Rubin company was established. Our primary focus is beef which keeps getting more popular in Poland. 

  • How many employees work in Rubin Beef and what are their qualifications?

We currently employ 90 people. For the most part, these are young people but with great experience. For example, our production manager is 26 years old and he gained experience with his father, who also works in such a position. We put great effort to the training of our employees and constantly strive to improve the production process. We improve the qualifications of the crew and try to adapt their skills and talents to market requirements and customer expectations. We believe that the development of our staff is the development of the entire company. I would like to point that work in the plant is not an easy one. In the case of beef, it is difficult to automate processes, so the qualified staff is the key to succeed.

  • Rubin Beef, as we have mentioned before is focused on production of beef. Could you please describe its offer?

Key elements of our offer are: porterhouse steak, t-bone steak, tomahawk, New York steak, tournedos, antrykot steak, tenderloin steak, sirloin steak and burger mix. We also offer a various wholesale products.

  • Are your products available only in Poland?

Our meat meets highest world and European standards. Our customers are based in Portugal, France, Spain and Germany. We also export outside the Union, to China or Japan. In Poland, we are available on the wholesale market, in shop chains, but we focus mainly on the HoReCa market. 

  • Jako pierwsi w Polsce wprowadziliście Państwo system stopniowania jakości wołowiny. Co ma na celu ten zabieg? 

Metody selekcji wołowiny opracowaliśmy specjalnie dla naszych klientów, są one zgodne z europejskimi standardami. Dzięki podziałowi na klasy jakościowe, oferujemy jeszcze lepszą selekcję produktów.

  • Jakie marki powstały dzięki selekcji produktów?

Rubin Beef Orient ™ is a brand designed for Oriental Chefs. Working at high temperatures, ensuring the tenderness and juiciness of meat and variety of flavors. Rubin Beef Prime ™ is a beef class with the highest degree of marble score. Thanks to this, it retains its unique taste and delicacy, despite of cooking in the highest temperatures. It is suitable for all types of processing, and its unique features are appreciated by beef experts from around the world. Rubin Beef Select ™ is a type of beef with an average amount of greasy. Marbility is lower here than in the case of Rubin Beef Prime ™ beef, still perfectly suitable for processing at high temperatures, for many Chefs is the perfect combination guaranteeing repeatability, tenderness and juiciness. Those are  the most important factors for people who run gastronomy. Ruby Beef Choice ™ is a low-marbling beef class. A great product for customers who care about quality during longer thermal treatment and more. Its taste qualities do not differ from other quality classes.

·         Rubin Logistics deals with the transportation. What are the advantages of own transport fleet?

Our own transport also means greater security and independence from external conditions. We have our own car fleet, thanks to which we can be independent distributors. All our vehicles are regularly inspected and the equipment is regularly replaced. We are sure that all machines are efficient and safe for products, and therefore also for consumers. All this gives us the guarantee that the ordered goods will reach the customer on time. The most important aspect of transport in our company is that the transported products are kept at exactly the same temperature as it was during the entire production process.

·         What are your current investment plans?

Currently, we are starting the construction of cold stores. In connection with new needs related to the development of brands, we have started a new project to expand the plant and cold stores.

  • Please describe the development strategy for Rubin Food Group?

Our company motto is: "Quality and experience build trust." We care about the details and convenience of the client. We owe our current position on the market to hard work and consistency. Equally important is caring for the smallest details of the company's work. In our opinion, details are of great matter, and in a competitive market they can decide about success or failure. We carefully analyze our methods, procedures and activities.

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